What people are saying

Here's some testimonials and reviews from people who have read and deeply appreciated AE2H:

"This is an amazing book: like a guidebook for life. A step by step guide to consider all aspects of life, beautifully guiding and supporting you to reflect on and look at where you can make positive changes at your own pace to increase your happiness. With examples along the way and exercises to help you to apply and integrate the learning. This is certainly a book I will read again and again and also one I will be giving to friends and family."

"I’m familiar with this author’s pioneering work in the field of positive psychology, but research can be complicated and inaccessible to the layman. Fortunately, Mr. Soosalu’s skill set is extensive and includes mentoring and establishing a global network of motivational programs. I think AVOIDING THE ENEMIES TO HAPPINESS is a brilliant culmination of that. I’ve never seen so much comprehensive insight into life coaching presented with so much organization. A huge book like this can be daunting, but you can read this one at a gallop all the way through or pick it up and put it down at will. It is very practical, very compelling – a huge benefit to anyone wanting to live life to the fullest! These are truly original strategies for happiness made easy to grasp and use."

"I have finished reading your book and I love it. I think you’ve explained and simplified some key bits of NLP and adding mBIT to it works very well. Having the theme of how actively to think and do helpful strategies,  and how to avoid repeating unhelpful strategies – with the overall goal of deliberately creating circumstances where happiness is more likely to flourish,  is a great framework for hanging the NLP and mBIT onto. And I particularly like your section on values."

"This book is a gateway to a life of meaning and success. The techniques are practical, can be used anywhere and they work! All delivered in an easy to read book that makes SENSE!! I did not realise the arrival of the enemies but I definitely realised when my enemies left. The difference was physically amazing. Being a sufferer of anxiety for many years now, it was like being handed the secret to life. It has set me free from the grip of anxiety. My life has more purpose now."

"Have had a great day spending time with your book AE2H, VERY COOL. Its a great book, very useful. Today I especially enjoyed the stuff on relationships and high quality relating and have been reframing things for years but this book has really got me going!"

"This is a wonderfully written, well researched and practical book, which is not only full of scientifically backed knowledge, but is complimented with strategies that you can immediately apply to your life to get measureable results. Applied Knowledge put into Action = Wisdom & results, and that's exactly what this book has the potential to do in your life, if you follow the simple strategies, apply the knowledge you'll learn and your be happinessing in no time."

"I absolutely love this book, the science combined with many insightful, easy and practical activities kept me reading on. I like the practical spirituality in it that makes it tangible and easy to apply in my life. Awesome Grant!! What a gift you have"