Why I wrote the book

Why did I write it, what’s it all about?

Research on happiness shows that happiness increases levels of Creativity and Productivity. It makes people more open to information and to connection with others. Happier people tend to focus on higher callings, on deeper purpose and meaning in their lives and from this they get flashes of insight and brilliance that can make such a difference to our world and our lives. Research also shows that happy people are more likely to be Compassionate. Happiness leads to pro-social behavior. Happy people like to help others, it makes them feel good in a positive feedback loop.

So the more happiness we bring to people’s lives (and our own lives), the more we support the Highest Expressions of the human spirit. Happiness is like a powerful fuel for bringing people alive. And unfortunately there are insidious enemies to human happiness! Enemies that destroy joy and meaning in life. And therefore enemies to the highest expression of you!

This is why I’ve spent the last 10 years doing behavioral modeling research on happiness and its enemies, and how to create more joy, purpose and meaning in people’s lives. It’s why I studied Positive Psychology directly with Prof. Martin Seligman, the developer of the field. And why I wrote the book.

So my outcome and purpose in writing and sharing my new book ‘Avoiding the Enemies to HAPPINESS’ (AE2H) is to increase the skills of happiness-ing in the world. And thereby support more generative wisdom into people’s lives. AE2H fits so beautifully with and supports mBIT!

So buy a copy
and make a difference to the world, read it, apply it. Or pay it forward and give someone the gift that truly keeps on giving… in ripples that will spread throughout the fabric of our world.

Coaching Happiness

And if you are an mBIT Coach, I’m currently working on an ‘mBIT Happiness Coaching’ training and facilitators guide that will support you in coaching the AE2H model utilizing mBIT, NLP and Positive Psych processes. So by getting your copy of AE2H now, you’ll be ready and integrated for when the new coaching process comes out in a couple of months time.

Read more about the book here