Happiness Wisdom

Dr. Dorothy Rowe has been voted one of the 6 wisest people in the UK and after speaking to her I can say it’s with good reason. As the saying goes, ‘Wisdom comes from experience!

Dorothy is a world-renowned clinical psychologist, experienced mental health researcher and best selling author. Her book sales count in the millions, and the contents have helped many, many people increase self knowledge and gain enough understanding to overcome depression and unhappiness in their lives. Others have increased meaning and life satisfaction through the study and application of her work. Dorothy has shown how we each live in a world of meaning that we have created out of our past experiences.

I asked Dorothy, based on her experience, what she thought some of the main enemies to happiness in peoples lives are:
  • Disliking yourself and thinking of yourself as “bad” or “unacceptable
  • Not being good enough, always having to work harder to be better
  • Not knowing your own priorities
  • Critical self talk, (based on guilt and shame).

As Dorothy says, "Under these self-maintained conditions it is very difficult for people to feel happy and contented with their lives."

Dorothy’s recommendations for overcoming these enemies to happiness include:
  • Learning you can choose to change when you want to
  • Learning to accept yourself and getting to know yourself
  • Choosing encouraging and supportive self talk
  • Re-thinking, re-prioritising and being realistic
  • Seeking and doing what you enjoy in life.

With decades of practical experience to impart, Dorothy’s books contain material that can be truly life changing. Encouraging understanding, self knowledge and challenging people to think through “received ideas” to create new “meaning structures”, her books are well worth reading. For more information on Dorothy’s work and to experience more of her wisdom, browse to http://www.dorothyrowe.com.au/

Additional reading

Dorothy’s books include the titles:



Please Note: This NFTF Interview was conducted by my good friend David McCombe