Happiness, Insipiration, Passion & Excitement!

I’ve know Peter Fischer for many, many years. We met through our passion and interest in NLP, Personal Development and Training. Over the years he has remained a great friend and I’ve watched him with admiration as he’s lived his dreams and passions. He is a great role model for humor, joy and excitement and has something to teach and share with us all.

Peter is a polished Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Professional Entertainer. He has worked in a diverse range of industries and businesses and currently runs a successful Entertainment Agency ‘Promotional Performers’ as well as the fantastic on-line Entertainment Directory www.entertainoz.com.au. As an entertainer, Peter delights and inspires through a combination of comedy, mime and clowning. Over the years he’s also developed and facilitated personal development programmes for children and the unemployed. He has a vision for making a positive difference to the world and willingly contributes to creating more joy and delight in people’s lives.

I asked Peter to tell me his thoughts on happiness and how to avoid the enemies to happiness.

“Happiness is a process. It’s not fixed, it’s ongoing. It’s about doing ‘happy’ing in your life”. According to Peter, the key factors in achieving this are ‘Inspiration, Passion and Excitement’. His advice is to get excited about whatever you are doing in life. “It’s about having a clear vision and getting excited about manifesting that vision”. Create BIG dreams and then act passionately to make them happen!

It’s also about being true to yourself. You do this by aligning your behaviours and actions with your vision and values. ‘Be – Do – Have’. Your happiness is supported by integrity. Do what excites you and be true to this.

“Happiness can be so simple!”

For Peter, the art of happying is very simple: Follow your passions and excitements, making sure they are guided and aligned by your values and by what makes meaning in your life. In Peter’s life, creativity and giving to others are his passions. His most fulfilling times are when giving to someone else or helping someone else. So for him, the art of Clowning is about the art of giving. His joy comes from the excitement and fulfillment of gifting laughter and joy to others. Performing is also an ongoing process of creativity. So he finds great purpose and happiness in a life focused around entertainment and edutainment – teaching others through generative humour and educational entertainment.

And what does Peter feel are the main enemies to happiness?

  • Fear and negativity
  • Pessimistic mindset and attitudes
  • Not being creative

His solutions to these enemies are to stay away from negative people who try to drag you down. Instead, surround yourself with a pleasant positive environment and friends that uplift and support you and your vision. Fill your life with humour and laughter. Continue to believe in your vision and do things that inspire and excite you. Finally, stay away from distractions such as television and video games, they’ll sap your creativity. Instead use music, dancing and movement to energise yourself and shift your cybernetic loop.

In Peter’s opinion, one of the greatest tools for happiness is an attitude of gratitude. So really appreciate the blessings and gifts in life you’ve been given. Share these gifts with others and make inspiration, excitement and passion an ongoing part of your life.