Notes from the Field

This page contains additional 'Notes from the Field' interviews that weren't able to be included in the book due to size restrictions. See below.

'Notes from the Field' provides practical advice and tips from the real world and real people. It has been drawn from interviews and summaries of teachings from people who are experts in their field or who live demonstrably happy lives, people who in my opinion excel in living great and happy lives.

One of my many areas of interest and expertise is in the field of Software and Web Development. In this field we have what are known as 'Notes from the Field' manuals, these are practical notes based on real world experience. You see there's the theory, the way things are 'supposed' to work... then there's what actually and pragmatically works in the field. They aren't always the same. Sometimes it's the practical tips and shortcuts that make a real difference.

So I decided to apply this same principal to the development of AE2H. For each chapter and area of happiness-ing, I searched the world for exemplars who were living experts on the practical applications of the theory to real life. Then I asked them to share their insights and knowledge and wrote it up in these 'Notes from the Field'.

The AE2H Book contains Notes from the Field interviews with:
  • Robert Dilts
  • Judith DeLozier
  • Dr. Dorothy Rowe
  • Dr. Mick Webb
  • Dr. Deborah Rozman
  • Suzanne Beecher
  • Sogyal Rinpoche
  • Tammy Van Wisse
  • Thomas “Sully” Sullivan
  • Mere and Ellie

However, I ended up with more interviews than I could fit in the book. So below are some of the additional interviews that I'd like to share with you. I hope they'll add value to your life.

Notes from the Field Interviews: