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"While we may not be able to control all that happens to us,

we can control what happens inside us."

Benjamin Franklin

As Ben Franklin so eloquently expressed it, you can't always control what happens in your life. But you can learn to take control of your responses to what happens. This is great news! The question is how? And the answer is...

The Avoiding the Enemies to HAPPINESS (AE2H) model provides a powerful, simple and pragmatic 'how' for driving your own internal responses and your life. You can create your own happiness and success. And the technologies of Positive Psychology, NLP and mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) provide the tools.

In the AE2H model, the behavioral technologies of Positive Psychology, NLP and mBIT have been specifically applied to determining what the enemies to human happiness are, and to providing success strategies to overcome these insidious enemies. Based on over 10 years of action research and behavioral modeling work, the AE2H model brings a powerful system for helping you learn to take control of your life. Using AE2H you can gain more joy, wisdom, meaning and purpose in your life. And isn't that something we all want more of!

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